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Welcome to the family photography blog from This is Reportage: Family! This is the area of the site where we'll be bringing you all our latest features; a veritable treasure-trove of documentary family photography goodness! Check back regularly for new features.

Photographer of the Year and Storyteller of the Year 2021: Sabine Doppelhofer

Honoured to reveal our 2021 Photographer of the Year & Storyteller of the Year: Sabine Doppelhofer! Sabine won a staggering 34 Awards from us in total: 21 Reportage Family Awards and 13 Family Story Awards. This is an absolutely incredible achievement; the likes of which I think we may never see again. Winning a single award from us is incredibly tough; to win so many, so consistently, is quite astonishing.

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This is How: ‘Equanimity’ by Agata Szymanowicz

In the second of our new series here on This is Reportage: Family, ‘This is How’, we’re honoured to have the brilliant Agata Szymanowicz taking us behind the scenes on how she captured this Reportage Family Award of hers.

Agata shares so much in this piece, including the exact settings she used to get this motion blur with sharpness with the panning technique, her life in lockdown, her edit (including the SOOC version), and more…

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Collection Nine Judges

Excited to announce our judges for Collection Nine! Thanks so much to these five brilliant photographers who will be assessing the thousands of submissions we receive: (Clockwise, from top-left) Nikola Smernic (Croatia), Marge Bradshaw (UK), Ryan Devereux (Ireland), Theo Manusaride (Netherlands), and Kelly Haentjens (Belgium).

There’s just a couple of days left to submit now; the deadline is 23:59 GMT on 23rd November 2021. Members receive 60 individual award entries and 18 story award entries per year, along with many other benefits, all included in your membership fee. Join us to submit.

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This is How: ‘Generations’ by Tobias Löhr

Ever wondered how certain award-winning images were captured? Well wonder no more! In a new series here on This is Reportage: Family, we’re asking some of our members exactly how they ‘got the shot’: Welcome to ‘This is How’.

It’s an honour to kick off this regular feature with the brilliant Tobias Löhr. Based in Germany, Tobias was in our Top 30 Photographers Worldwide for 2020, as well as 20th in the world over on our sister-site for wedding photography, This is Reportage. Tobias has also appeared on our Podcast. Today, he’s telling us exactly how he captured one of his Reportage Family Awards – a great lesson of observation, patience and more…!

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Collection Eight Judges

Honoured to reveal our judges for Collection Eight! Thanks so much to the brilliant (clockwise, from top-left) Christophe De Mulder (Belgium), Sybil Rondeau (France), Dan Wootton (UK), Emily Renier (UK) and Linsey Aandewiel (Netherlands), who will be judging the thousands of images submitted to our Reportage Family Award and Family Story Award entries.

There’s only a few days left to submit now; the deadline is 23:59 BST on 23rd September 2021. Members receive 60 Reportage Family Award entries and 18 Family Story Award entries per year, along with many other benefits.

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