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Welcome to the family photography blog from This is Reportage: Family! This is the area of the site where we'll be bringing you all our latest features; a veritable treasure-trove of documentary family photography goodness! Check back regularly for new features.

Collection Seven Judges

Excited to announce our judges for Collection Seven! These five world-class photographers will all be poring over our thousands of submissions to our Reportage Family Award (for the best individual captures) and Family Story Award (for a series of 15 – 20 images of a single family) entries (clockwise, from top-left): Jess Lycoops (Denmark), Kate Randall (Australia), Olivier Bolte (France), Casey McCauley (USA) & Marek Troszczynski (UK).

There’s just a few days left to submit: Submit by 23:59 BST on 24th July 2021. Members receive 60 Reportage Family Award entries and 18 Family Story Award entries per year, along with many other benefits. Join us to submit.

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This is Now

Welcome to ‘This is Now’, a regular feature here on This is Reportage: Family, where we share what some of our members have been capturing over the last month or so.

It’s an absolute honour to be able to share the amazing work that our members have been producing; natural family moments captured by some of the very best photographers from all over the world. Sit back on your favourite easy chair, grab a drink (and biscuits!), and enjoy seeing what over 60 of our members have been capturing recently.

No poses; nothing staged – This is Reportage: Family.

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We’re celebrating our 1st birthday by giving away 5 memberships!

We can’t believe it’s been a year already, but it has – on 1st July 2020 we opened our doors here at This is Reportage: Family, and welcomed hundreds of amazingly talented documentary family photographers from all over the world. It has been so exciting to see so many photographers join us; to share their brilliant work and to help shine some more light on documentary family photography – a genre which is not only incredibly important, but is also absolutely choc-full of photographic talent.

Over those 365 days, we’ve had over 35,000 images submitted across our Individual and Story entries, with our judges (who change for each round) choosing just 760 Reportage Family Awards (for the best individual captures) and 143 Family Story Awards (for a series of 15 – 20 images of single family). You can view our latest Award Collection over here.

So, it’s our Birthday, and we want to celebrate this milestone by giving away 5 annual memberships, worth £100 each!

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Collection Six Judges

An honour to reveal our judges for Collection Six! Thanks so much to these wonderful photographers for giving up their time and expertise in judging for us: (Clockwise, from top-left) Marisa Martins (Portugal), Siliang Wang (United States), Dominique Shaw of York Place Studios (UK), Gareth McGaughey (Ireland) and Elke Van Rulo (Belgium).

There’s just a few days left now to submit: Deadline is 23:59 BST on 24th May 2021. Members receive 60 Reportage Family Award (for the best individual captures) and 18 Family Story Award submissions (for a series of 15 – 20 images of a single family) per year, all included in your membership fee.

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Missed it live? Members can now re-watch our 1st Photo Critique!

The exclusive re-watch of our very first Live Photo Critique is now up in our members’ area! This is the *only* place to watch if you missed it live (we remove our live videos from Facebook an hour or so after the live session has ended – only TiR:F members are able to re-watch the video at their leisure).

This was *such* an interesting and fun session, with the fab Julia Rose-Greim and Nienke Koedijk sharing *so many* brilliant insights and advice in this almost-two hour session; so good – thanks so much to them both!

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