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Thanks for checking out the This is Reportage: Family photography podcast! Our podcast originally began with a wedding-focus (because it was started back in November 2019 over on our sister-site, This is Reportage – This is Reportage: Family only launched recently, in mid-2020) but going forward the podcast will be featuring both family photographers and wedding photographers. Some episodes will be exclusively to do with family photography, others will be with wedding photographers, and other episodes we’ll be talking to people who do both.

No matter which episode you tune into, though, the core theme remains the same: Our podcast is just as much – if not more so – about the *people*; their stories, their life experiences, what makes them tick, as much as it is about photography. So whether you’re into families or weddings, we hope you’ll enjoy tuning in (and the tips and advice each photographer shares is also – in the vast majority of cases – easily transferable and valid between the two photography disciplines.)

That being said, we’re going to feature the episodes that specifically have a lot to do with family photography on this page; so check out the episodes below if you want to hear more specifically family-orientated podcast episodes. We’re also doing that so that we don’t just repeat everything here that’s on our Podcast page over on This is Reportage; if you want to hear every single episode (including our wedding-focused ones), then head over here.

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this is reportage podcast - this is Nienke Koedijk

#64. This is Nienke Koedijk

February 18th 2021

A delight to chat to the fab Nienke Koedijk for the Podcast this week! Nienke’s ‘Unfreeze Yourself’ workshop has been a massive inspiration for family photographers all over the world during these coronavirus times – including many This is Reportage: Family members – and she shares *so* much today, including top tips for starting out in the family photography world, the story behind how her first project became a published book with national media exposure in the Netherlands, why it’s important to have your own family photographed, and so much more…


this is reportage podcast - this is louise van den broek

#62. This is Louise van den Broek

February 4th 2021

Super to chat to the lovely Louise van den Broek for our 62nd Podcast episode today! No. 2 in the Netherlands for 2020, and joint-6th in the world overall (with 9 Reportage Family Awards and a Family Story Award), Louise shares so much in this episode, including her top tips for documentary family photography, how she captures the whole gamut of life (from births, weddings, family, and even funerals), exactly how she captured two of her specific Awards, and more…



#60. This is Julia Rose-Greim

January 21st 2021

It was so great to chat to the wonderful Julia Rose-Greim for episode 60 of our Podcast! Julia was ranked 11th in the World here on This is Reportage: Family in 2020, and has a wealth of documentary family photography experience. Tune in today as Julia tells us exactly how she captured one of her Reportage Family Awards, her tips for better communication with clients, our Netflix synopsis game, photographing the same family over numerous years, and much, much more…


#58. Thoughts on 2020

December 17th 2020

It’s a first for the Podcast today, as I (Alan Law, founder of This is Reportage: Family & This is Reportage) am doing a solo episode! I apologise in advance if the thought of only hearing my voice is incredibly scary for you – and don’t worry, the interview format will be swiftly returning! – but if you are interested at all in my personal experiences from being a photographer myself this year, as well as my thoughts on running TiR & TiRF, and behind-the-scenes of the Podcast itself, that perhaps you’ll enjoy it…


this is reportage podcast - this is rowena meadows

#57. This is Rowena Meadows

December 10th 2020

Today’s Podcast episode is all about family photography, as we chat to the wonderful Rowena Meadows! Rowena is currently leading our worldwide ranking of family photographers (at the time this episode was recorded – with 11 Awards already), and she shares *so* much in this episode, including top tips for better coverage, how to get your families to quickly feel at ease in your presence, the story behind one of her specific Reportage Family Awards, and much, much more…


this is reportage podcast - this is katrin kuellenberg

#56. This is Katrin Küllenberg

December 3rd 2020

The brilliant Katrin Küllenberg is my guest on the Podcast today! Katrin has already won 7 Awards from us here at This is Reportage: Family (within just our first two Collections!) and she shares *so* much great advice today, including her top tips for better documentary family photography coverage, the experience of having her own family photographed, the story behind one of her specific Reportage Family Awards, and much more. Lots of family-specific content in this episode; hope you enjoy!


this is reportage podcast - this is liam shaw of york place studios

#55. This is Liam Shaw

November 26th 2020

A delight to have our original POTY from our sister-site for wedding photography, This is Reportage, on the Podcast today – the brilliant Liam Shaw of York Place Studios. As well as talking about his wedding work, Liam discusses how he shoots families in the exact same way – totally unposed – including how he shot a recent Podcast guest of ours, Alice Chapman’s, family. The tips Liam shares are universal for all types of documentary photography; an inspiration listen!


this is reportage podcast - this is tobias loehr

#54. This is Tobias Löhr

November 19th 2020

Today’s episode is with the fantastic Tobias Löhr, one of the best photographers in Germany. Although Tobias has done more weddings than family work – and so the episode contains more wedding issues – he also talks about photographing the birth of his own son (which you can see his Family Story of at the episode link). He also talks about travel photography, how he became a photographer in the first place, getting married in Vegas, and lots more…


this is reportage podcast - this is Sophie Callewaert

#53. This is Sophie Callewaert

November 12th 2020

Sophie is a family and wedding photographer from Belgium, and has won many awards for her fantastic work. She was *so* lovely to talk to, too! Tune in today as we discuss whether ‘destination family photographer’ is a real phrase, growing up in her family’s restaurant, the power of personal projects, tips for getting better at documentary work, and more…


this is reportage podcast - this is kristof claeys

#52. This is Kristof Claeys

November 5th 2020

Loved chatting to the great Kristof Claeys today. Kristof has already won 2 Reportage Family Awards and 2 Family Story Awards from us, and he talks about one of his specific Story Awards in the Podcast (the one with a cat in every frame!). As well as that, he discusses so much more, including great advice for documentary coverage, learning to fail, balancing life/work as a parent himself, how he began photographing families (and then weddings as well), and much more…


this is reportage pocast - this is alice chapman

#51. This is Alice Chapman

October 29th 2020

An honour to talk to the fab Alice Chapman for episode 51 of the Podcast today! Alice is currently the top-ranked UK photographer here at This is Reportage: Family, with 8 Awards won already over our first two Awards Collections. She shares so much with us in the episode, including her advice about trusting the documentary family photography process, how to prepare your clients for the way you work, thoughts on going mirrorless, what she learned from having her own family photographed, and much more…


els korsten this is reportage podcast

#48. This is Els Korsten

October 8th 2020

It was great to talk to the fab Els Korsten for the 48th episode of the Podcast. Based in the Netherlands, Els has already won 7 Reportage Family Awards and 2 Family Story Awards from us, and she shares so much, including doing ‘Day in the Life’ sessions on farms, the story behind her iconic child-and-cat-shadow Reportage Family Award, how to not be afraid of cows, and lots more…


anna hardy - this is reportage podcast

#45. This is Anna Hardy

September 17th 2020

So lovely chatting to the fab Anna Hardy! Anna was an original judge for us here at This is Reportage: Family, and she is also a hugely experienced educator in documentary family photography. She talks about her journey from weddings to family, why empathy is so vital when it comes to photographing families, advice on business and sales, skydiving, her reputation for being ‘a bit of a gannet’, and much more…


The above episodes all have a family photography podcast focus; if you want to hear every single episode of our Podcast (including ones with a wedding-focus) head over here.

Top photo by Pedro Vilela

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