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What is Documentary Family Photography?

Documentary family photography (also known as reportage family photography or family photojournalism), simply put, is about capturing the real, natural moments – not posing you, not setting you all up in front of a fake white screen and getting you to grin at the camera; but rather capturing you, being you.

The way your son throws his head back as you’re tickling him; your daughter’s grimace of concentration as she’s trying to get her school tie on just right; grandma’s look of intense pride as she watches her grandkids play in the garden; mum and dad holding hands as they wait for the ultrasound scan – these are all real, natural moments that documentary family photography captures.

It’s all about the moments that matter. In years to come, these photos will mean more and more – and because they’ve all been taken without any posing, without staging anything, you’ll look back on them and remember how you were feeling; not what you were told to do by the photographer.

documentary family photography by Anna Hardy

Image by Anna Hardy

It isn’t just the ‘big’ moments

Although, of course, capturing your son’s 10th birthday party is a great idea, or your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary celebration – documentary family photography is not just for these big ‘life events’. Indeed, it’s the smaller, ‘day to day’ type things that we often forget to photograph ourselves, but which really make your family, your family.

That’s why, as well as capturing one-of-a-kind events like the ones mentioned above, a lot of documentary family photographers also offer longer sessions, where they’ll be around you and your family for multiple hours (or even a full day), and often on a very ‘normal’ day, too.

These are sometimes called ‘day in the life’ sessions, and the photographer is capturing all those little moments – your kids brushing their teeth (or attempting to get out of brushing them!), the frantic-search to find a lost shoe before leaving the house, Dad having a little afternoon-nap in front of the TV, the mum-and-daughter baking session – capturing all the things that make you all unique.

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