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Will Sfakiotakis

Sussex & Surrey | United Kingdom

I'm in love with life, the grand potential in every single living moment, and that all such moments are bathed in beautiful light. Photography has never been a choice for me, it's my purpose.

I was inspired by a keen photographer and true gentleman, my grandad Les. I fondly recall dimly lit family evenings full of laughter, 'ooos', and 'ahhs' as the clunky sound of his projector framed up the next slide for us all to enjoy on-screen.

In my early 20's he handed over his beloved Yashica. "you'll get more out of this than I can Will!" For a year or so I explored and toyed with photography until both the camera and my passion found a resting spot in the loft.

10 years later in 2011 my first of three was born, as was the rebirth of my love for life and light! Hungry for better captures I taught myself all I could, watching youtube tutorials while tucking into my porridge was my daily ritual. My camera and I became one and my faithful subjects being my beautiful children.

Slowly and surely I drew interest from friends and family which in time grew into Pearl Locket Photography. My longing to develop as a photographer grows daily, as does my desire to emote my customers to feel what I feel when I capture their moments.

Photograph many, Elevate all.


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