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Vicki Cracknell

Durham & Northumberland | United Kingdom

Hi, I am Vicki, a documentary family photographer based in County Durham and I’d love to make your ordinary moments look extraordinary.

Your family is totally unique; there are no other families just like yours anywhere on the planet. So why would you want your family photographs to look like everyone else’s? I won't take you to the same spot in the park that a hundred other families have been photographed in and pose you the way some book says I should. I would never expect you to wear matching outfits or smile when I say you should. Instead, I will meet you where you are most comfortable and find out what it is that makes your family so very special.

I will look for magic moments of connection and the tiny details of everyday life. Bubble bath giggles, sleepy morning cuddles, sticky fingers and grubby feet running around the garden. You don’t have to have to live in a show home – your life right now is perfectly imperfect. So why not choose to remember the fraying, hand-knitted blankets, the handprints on windows that will be gone too soon, the Lego on the floor and that battered old sofa with its crayon marks. These things speak of a life lived with children and they will be the things you will miss one day.

Let me help you turn these special, fleeting memories into beautiful photographs that will last forever.

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