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Sara Paolucci


Ironic, nostalgic, passionate: these are the three adjectives that represent me best. And this is what I infuse in my family photography: I am ambitious enough to aim not only in delivering beautiful photos for the families I work with, but creating a visual legacy for them, something that will gain value through the years.
Although i regard myself as an introvert, I am genuinely curious about other people’s lives and I truly love spending time, knowing them, observing them and following them with my camera: I believe that being told through someone else’s eyes is something that everyone should experience. While working, I have never regarded myself as a ‘fly on the wall’: when I enter someone else’s house, space, life, I feel like I am melting inside the family, I am part of them: I love chatting, interacting, sharing a coffee and confronting with someone else’s world. I need it. I need that emotional connection to help my point of view standing out loud, but it’s not something I struggle to achieve, it’s something that comes out naturally from one of the three adjective I mentioned before: being passionate on what I do. In my photography, I am naturally drawned by the upside down world of childhood. I see it as a world on its own, with its own rules, a magical place.
I love photographing funny moments, and that’s where my ironic part is shown. But also tenderness, love, unique moments - like the first encounter between sisters - and anything that might be important for the people I photograph.
I often find myself longing for my lost childhood and memories, and this part of myself leads me in giving special attention to those flying moments with a nostalgic feeling.
I want to deliver something truly special to the families I work with, something that will sparkle in them a strong emotion, something that moves them - because there’s something I never tell them: I am often moved by them, and I am always grateful they have chosen me to access their intimacy and photograph their life.

Hello! I am Sara, a professional photographer, Nikon speaker, specialized in documentary family and vacation photography: let me be your storyteller :)

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