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Sandra Stokmans


I’m Sandra an international award-winning documentary family and business photographer based in the Netherlands (Utrecht area, near Amsterdam), and will fly anywhere, btw 😀 .

I love the real honest everyday moments, happy moments, sad moments. Life is all about the daily moments! Your traditions, customs and routines. I love to portray families in any composition or stage of their lives. I love the sincerity, spontaneity, openness and silliness of children. Mom’s tenderness, horsing around with dad, grandma’s love, grandpa’s jokes… It’s beautiful to watch, and even better to capture.

I am particularly keen on documenting medical stories for medical families in and out of the hospital. I think it is so important to contribute to showing them their strength, their struggle, their hope and their resilience. Since doing my #ProjectHartekind (Project Heartwarrior) I have come to realize this is what I am passionate about.

Precisely those moments that form you and become so dear later on in life.

I want to give tangible visual memories of those moments that evoke emotion and can be relived with pride and pleasure forever. Also for those who later on in life will not remember. I believe children deserve lasting memories of their childhood with their parents, grandparents or anyone dear in their lives doing the everyday ordinary things.

Real is more fun than Perfect. Real ís Perfect!

One of the things that makes a Day In The Life session so special is that the whole family is present in the story. I would like to ensure that your beautiful family pictures are preserved in a beautiful handmade professional photo album and as art in your home.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I will fly where you want me. I speak fluent Spanish and English :)!

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