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Raluca Chase

London & Essex | United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Ralu and I have been a photographer for over 16 years now. I have lived in 3 different countries on two different continents, which has taught me to be flexible, understanding and respectful of other people’s cultures and stories.

We are surrounded every day with images that portray family life as nothing but fun, laughter and amazing adventures. But we all know that family life is also full of tantrums, tears and tiny little moments that we quickly forget, even though we truly want to hold on to them.

I want to encourage you to plaster your walls and albums with photographs that capture more than just faces, because we are so much more than that.
Imagine yourself surrounded by photographs that show real moments of connections between unique personalities, showing off all the quirkiness and hard work that go into building a strong family. Those photographs would feed your soul and empower YOU to be YOU.
Now imagine your children looking at the same photos decades from now, reliving their childhood and their precious time with you. Only documentary family photographs can give them that gift.

Celebrate your perfectly imperfect life - you deserve it and so does your family!

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