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Pete Phelan

Kent & London | United Kingdom

Hi I'm Pete Phelan a Documentary Family & Wedding Photographer based in Kent.

My passion for photography really got started when I was in my early teens and my Dad gave me his old DSLR camera. I loved that camera and I have fond memories of running around the house, garden or wherever I was and taking pictures of literally everything.

I never imagined back then where it would lead me. Today I'm super proud to be creating wonderful memories for some amazing families all over the UK and even abroad. Documenting memorable moments and creating small snapshots of family life that will teleport people back to that day, that place and that time.

I don't have many photos from my own childhood so In 2018 when my wife gave birth to our son Eli Zane. I knew I had to use my knowledge of photography to give him and us memories to look back on for years. He's my little hero and documenting his little life so far has been incredible.

It's such an honour to not only document his life but the many families that book me for one of my family lifestyle shoots too.

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