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Ofelia Arzate Vazquez


I make photos for the preservation of fleeting moments, and lasting love.

All my problems disappear when I'm behind the camera. It's where I feel most present, and that observation makes it easier to understand the world. Being surrounded by commercial images at all times, photographing the raw beauty of families is the only way I find to prevent future generations distortion of reality, and mental health problems. Providing yourself and your family with the enormous treasure of visual memories, you also gift them a chance to better understand and love themselves.

I started photographing my regular everyday when I realized that our family wasn't going to be able to watch my kids grow. We live abroad, and documentary photography allows our family to really know them, and helps them feel close, beyond a couple weeks vacation, the posed portraits, and the video calls. I believe with all my heart, that all families should have the same. Don't you?

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