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Nina Riehl


I am Nina. Mom of three wonderful children, creative jack-of-all-trades, urban jungle lover, sea lover and my camera is my constant companion. I can't say that photography has been with me all my life, but since my kids have made my life so much more colorful, the passion has taken hold of me. Every day I document our everyday life with all the little meaningful moments. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, chaotic, wild or thoughtful but always filled with love, trust and connection. It is not always the big events that make up life, but also the many small beautiful everyday moments in between. But they are not perfectly orchestrated moments. Because in everyday life with children, you are sometimes quite far away from the perfect life. As a mom, I know how quickly time passes with them and how precious it is to hold as many memories as possible in your hands. Memories of their childhood and being parents with all their ups and downs. Memories of real life, that is.

I love watching my kids fully immerse themselves in the moment and get deep into what they are doing, and then press the shutter at just the right moment to freeze that fleeting moment forever. A moment full of emotion that will simply never come again. My heart beats for documentary family photography. Because it simply shows how we are. With all facets. Real and unposed. Just the way life is. No instructions, no posing and no white paper wall. My pictures should tell stories. Our story. Authentic. Real and unique.

We often sit for hours in front of the photo books and marvel at the many wonderful moments. How small they used to be or what their first favorite cuddly toy looked like. Diving into our history. But again and again I also hear "Mom, where have you actually been? And then I realize again - as a mom, you are unfortunately far too rarely seen in family photos.

And that's exactly why I love what I do. Because I want you to be part of their memory too, as a mom, as a dad, and as parents. A gift to you. A gift to your children. Memories of how wonderful you are - even in the supposedly non-perfect moments. Because they are always moments full of love.

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