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Nienke Koedijk


Nienke is a Dutch family photographer, international photography mentor and one of her photo projects was published as a photobook. As an art School graduate in sculpting and illustration her fascination for color and form is as big as her desire to tell human stories. The big ones and the small ones.

For Nienke photography is a means to reflect on and search for the beauty of this world, even when things are hard. With her camera she researches the deeper layer behind the obvious and the mundane. In that layer she finds true connection, intense love and incredible beauty. She finds and creates this poetry for families and shows them just how special their daily life is.

Nienke is the mom of an energetic and headstrong 5-year-old son. She likes to think that he got these character traits from his dad, but she knows her son is the perfect end product of them both. When she’s not photographing, she’s probably riding her racing bike, enjoying her allotment garden or eating a delicious meal that her man, who is a hobby chef, has cooked for her. Or watching Netflix, probably something with vampires or dragons. Nienke loves to explore the world close to her and countries far away and will jump on any plane to a foreign country if you book her.

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