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Nicole Moss

United States

Hello! I'm Nicole. I have three kiddos of my own, all girls. I love finding the humor in life as much as I love pants with elastic waistbands. I've never met a salad I didn't like (even the Jello variety) and I'm freakishly good at making dinners my kids won't eat. I play piano with the skill and enthusiasm of a 13 year-old and I'm proudly rocking a Duolingo streak over 900 days and counting. (One day I'm going to visit Montreal and order poutine in French.)

Most important about me is that I love making photos that tell stories. I love capturing memories and preserving those times that seem to be going by too quickly. My favorite images are those that show the personalities of the people in them. I love making custom images that are specific to your family, because your family is special and you deserve more than generic photos wearing uncomfortable clothes. I'd love to meet your family and capture some of the unique things that make you tick. Quirkiness encouraged.

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