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Shelley Reis


Shelley Reis is a documentary photographer based in New South Wales, Australia. She is predominantly self-taught however her artistic tuition began early on under the guidance of my mother, an artist and art teacher, who taught her the importance of composition and to notice the beauty in the details. Shelley’s work is inspired by both the magic and mundanity of every day life and she loves to capture authentic, soulful moments for her clients while also documenting her family’s unique story. She is fascinated by the significance of childhood as the most important source of reference across an individual’s lifetime. Shooting using a documentary approach, her aim is to create images that are both contemporary yet serve as a source of reflection and nostalgia.

Shelley’s work has been featured in Australian Photography Magazine, Capture Magazine, Peppermint Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Long Way Home magazine and The Huffington Post. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, Capture Magazine named Shelley among Australia’s Top 10 Emerging Documentary Photographers.

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