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Mirijam Hollaus


What makes me special
I love to express myself, my feelings through art and photography.

Why do I prefer documentary photography?

Because it's kind of an art seeing the beautiful in everyday life. As a mom of three, I spend a lot of time at home and my home is far from perfect. And if I always waited for everything to be perfect, I wouldn't have any photos of us. And that would be sad. How would I answer the question "Mom, what was it like when I was little?" I've forgotten so much because other things have taken up space in my memory and because I've breastfed lots of nights for many years. But thanks to our photo books and the notes in them, I always have something to tell. And my children will also be able to show their children what it was like growing up in our family. That's why I want take pictures from you being a (not at all perfect, but loving) mum.

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