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Melissa Milne


Hello from beautiful BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA!

I live on an Island just off the coast of BC called Vancouver Island. Home to many beautiful adventure spots my true passion is adventurous families that love to head out and explore the great outdoors together, but I am also a sucker for an in home session too surround by all the seeming mundane activities that families participate in on a regular bases.

I love documentary photography because it gives permission for people to be their self, no fake poses or "place your hand here" BS, just true authentic be yourself unfiltered photography! I also love how complex documentary photography compositions can become.

I personally really LOVE B&W photography as it just feels like it allows us to see the truest emotion in an images without the (beautiful) distraction of colour.

I shoot a combo of Fujifilm digital cameras and old school FILM cameras! I love the nostalgia of film and growing up in the 90's/early 2000's all my favourite childhood images were shot on film, I want to pass this on to other families!

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