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Mauro Arena

London & Essex | United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Mauro and I'm an Italian born children and documentary family photographer based in London.

I became a professional photographer in 2020 although my passion for documentary photography started in my teenage years when my mum gave me her 35mm film camera she bought in the late 60s. I've never stopped taking photographs of family, friends and places I travelled to.

I've recently been selected as Winner of the prestigious Portrait of Britain 2021 Award by the British Journal of Photography and my work has been selected by Historic England Archive as part of the 'Picturing Lockdonw Collection'.

I'am happily married and live with my wife and our 6 years old girl and I know how exhausting, chaotic but also beautiful and funny life with kids can be.

With my photography I want to show how your 'every day', no matter how ordinary or uninteresting it might sound, it is in fact so extraordinary and full of emotional ingredients that make your story as a family so beautiful and meaningful just as it is.

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