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Maria Montero Tovar


I came to Germany with a backpack and wanted to stay for nine months. With an analog camera, a CD player and no language skills. It will work out. Those were nine very intense months in which almost nothing worked out except enjoying life to the fullest.
Seventeen years, two kids and a wedding later, I'm still here. So something seems to have worked out after all.

Born and raised in Spain, my home is a small town with a charming old city called Cáceres. On hot summer nights, you can sit down in the alleys and listen to the sound of a guitar. Probably not much else happens, but when I think of my homeland, the colors olive green and blue come to mind, loud, funny and loving people. I miss bonfires with chestnuts, way too hot summer days and huge family parties that start at noon and always end at dawn with guitar, singing and lots of alcohol. This longing sometimes hurts and that's why I'm often there - until it all gets too much for me again and I'm happy to come back to Bavaria.

How one survives as a Spaniard in Bavaria I cannot tell you exactly. Maybe it's the mountains. Certainly the people. But I can speak English with a Bavarian accent. You have to be able to do that. I come from a family that comes from everywhere and goes everywhere. Therefore, my family and my dearest people are my home. 

I studied law in a total of two cities, two languages and far too many semesters. Learned more what life wanted to show me, so I work as a human resources developer when I'm not being a mom, wife or photographer. Life feels so wonderfully chaotic and intense: there's a lot of laughing, crying and dancing in our house. The main thing is emotional.

When I was 16, I got my first SLR camera for Christmas. Instead of a motorcycle. I was pissed off. But karma remembered and a few months later the camera was stolen from me. I had to wait several years until I could buy the next one. Until then, I always enjoyed taking pictures of my friends and family and creating photo albums. With the birth of my first daughter, I started to learn more about the world of photography and I just love to experiment and evolve.

This is me. This is my journey. This is what I want to keep in my memory forever. That's why I photograph my loved ones, my favorite places and the emotions I experience there. I try to capture all these feelings so we can remember where we come from, what we are, and to know where we are going.

People, their history and their passion inspire me and with my photography I try to capture the emotions and the soul of what surrounds us.
If you want, I will accompany you on your journey.

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