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Linda Mensinga


Photography always moved me in a way other types of art did not. The images that touched me the most had three things in common: there were people in it, they told a story and I felt something. I challenge myself to put those three things in the images I make.
People and their story, hoping it touches others too.

If you want to fit in a square that's perfect for social media, I'm definitely not your photographer.
But I do love to capture all the moments that may seem insignificant at this time, but will be priceless when you look back over the years. I often ask myself, what are the things I want to see and remember when I browse through the years?

Our stories are the heritage of our life. They deserve to be told, shown and kept in the most honest and beautiful way possible.
If you ask me.

And íf you have questions, please get in touch. I love questions or messages I did not see coming :)

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