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Linda Bouritius-Colenbrander


Telling stories has always been a big part of my life. It's the love for books during my childhood, the storytelling during my job as communication professional. As some people where surprised when I took a giant leap of faith and quit my job to start my own photography business, for me it made more than sense. I was still telling stories. But instead of writing them down, I am now creating images to tell them.

My family photography is all about unique stories of families. I see it as my most important task to capture the identity of a family and translate that into my images. I do this in a fun and spontaneous way. Keeping it relaxed during the day like it's completely normal that you have a grown-up woman crawling over your living room floor. I be part of your family, get close and make your kids forget about me within minutes. The result: strong, moment-driven images that really tell the story of your family and its unique characters.

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