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karlijn Goossens


I am familydocumentaryphotograher & birthphotographer.

I am a starting photographer & making pictures of life is my soul and my heart.
It gives me so much energy and always makes me (this is really true) happy. Even when I have a bad day and then grab my camera, my mood always changes for the better.

The urge of making pictures feels like something untamable inside of me. I love light, shadows and contrast. Even without my camera i see things in frames.
I have a fascination for life and everything that comes with it.

I uesd to be a social worker, especially for children and their parents. I am a helper and listener, especially for the ones that don’t have a voice of their own, like little children.

When i make pictures i start looking for the story of the other and capture this in the images I make.
Every meeting, every home, every parent, every child, every family has its own story.
Every time I get a little lost in the story of the other and try to capture it just the way it is. The good ones and the hard ones, because it is all LIFE!

2,5 years ago i had a burn-out. This was a major turning point in my life. It made me dare to follow my hart, in my case: become a photographer!
So these days I try to stay with my feelings and to follow. This is increasingly automatic, but is not always easy. But I have a goal & a dream! Since end 2019 i started working hard for this dream with all my heart and soul. I am proud of every step I take and I learn & grow from the steps backwards.

In 2020 i was allowd to capture my first two the birthstories. I can tell you i haven’t been part of something more magical and raw ever. I am afraid it will become an addiction :)
Summer 2020 i also started as a voluntier photographer for Stichting Still : it is a foundation in the Netherlands that helps parents who lose their child before or after birth. The photographers makes picture of the baby and the parents or other familymembers. It can help these parents to get through something unimaginable heavy, as losing your children.

So this is me, a mother of two kids (6 & 3 years) a woman with a whole lot of emotions, chaotic but straightforwad in working every day to fullfill my dream and the one thing i juste like doing most at any time of the day or night :)

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