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Johanna King


My name is Johanna King. I'm a French photographer who's been living in Dublin, Ireland for 15+ years.

I create photographs of the most precious everyday moments for families and deliver beautiful photo albums at the end of the process. One for the parents and small duplicates for the children.

What I want more than anything is for children to be able to look back on those memories when they get older. To take a peek into their childhood. To see their parents caring for them, loving them through the easy and more challenging times. To see authentic images of joy. And tantrums too.

There is no "right" or "wrong" with documentary family photography. Reality is exactly what's meant to be.

The families I photograph can choose to stay at home or in their back garden if that's what they would have done if I weren't there. But there are no limits to what we can do: going food shopping, playground, the beach, the forest, visiting grandparents, eating out.

Each family is unique and so their images will be too.

"Johanna did a phenomenal job and her laid-back personality fit right in with our family’s own calm and laid-back energy. I knew our memories were in good hands and trusted both her and her expertise as an artist throughout the whole process. [...] I couldn’t think of a better gift to myself or our family than the beautiful albums of photographs that she made for us. They will be treasured always!" Ariana, Ireland

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