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Joanna Grossi

United States

I am a Documentary Family Photographer based in Grand Rapids, MI. Born and raised in Indiana, I've lived in Portland, Chicago, and Nashville. I also spent time abroad in Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, and Argentina. Throughout my adventures I always enjoyed hearing people's stories. Then motherhood inspired another form of story-collecting, the visual story of our everyday life.

As I began the journey of a young mom, people would remind me how "it all goes by so fast". At the time, it was so exhausting that I remember thinking, "thank God!" Now that my kids have grown out of toddlerhood, I can feel the ache of the speed of life. So I make photos of real moments and details so that I can box up what these fleeting, everyday moments FEEL like forever.

My photography approach allows clients to truly be themselves. And the result is an authentic collection of photos that showcase your REAL LIFE. These photos will stand the test of time and take you back inside your memories. Documentary Family Sessions make an excellent yearly tradition.

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