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Jess Lycoops


Small gestures of love

Your everyday life is full of it, even if you don’t always notice it. A little touch, a smile, a look, …, little gems in daily routine. I seek them and capture them for you.

I am Jess, a Belgian photographer who has been living in Denmark for more than a decade, the country of “hygge”. I give kids meaningful photographs of their childhood; that portray their personalities, everyday life and most of all, the love of their parents. I am drawn to intense connections and lovable rogues with stars in the eyes.

We spent time together in a relaxed way and during a few hours I will be part of your life. Kids don’t have to get prepared in their best clothes and behaviour, trying to get out of the door just in time. I come to you, connect and we all enjoy quality time.

You will get a book with your emotive story.

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Family photography


family photography

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family photography

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