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Ivana Aleric


Hello, I am Ivana!

Even though I'm a mining engineer by vocation, I was always showing fondness towards various types of arts. As a girl I loved to read, create fashioned scrapbooks and make memories with photographs.

Becoming a mother made a huge impact on me as I started seeing world with new eyes and enjoying new life (role) as never before. Documenting my own family life is a way I fight inevitable transience. I am grateful for my loving husband and three incredible sons from whom I'm trying to learn as much as possible.

As my inner child is a very big part of my personality, I love spending time with people like myself, whether it was kids or their childish parents. I believe family is a sacred temple teaching us LIFE, a place we need to cherish. My way of doing it is making family memories like these.

Documentary family photography is about praising real life and accepting equally the good and the bad - isn't that the whole point of life? Let's tell your story!

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