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Frederikke Brostrup


About Frederikke

I am a danish family documentary photographer, living in Copenhagen with my very sweet husband.
I am 53 years young and I have been doing photography for a living since 2007. I am a mother to Ludvig, who is 23 and not a child anymore...but forever my child!
I am very found of familylife and childhood - the relations between family members, the family dynamic, the daily routines and the roughness life with small kids can be. I do my best to capture your very special moments, from joy to tears to make photos where you recognize the life you love. I will show you more than you knew are around you. Its a treasure!
To me it is easy to be around ... I am not shy, I don't feel awkward or intimidate - I just love being a friend of the family the hours I am there.
I would love to travel more with my work - so try me...send me an email to ask if I will travel to you to make your family story.
I never judge. I document.
Can't wait to meet you.


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