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Francesca Angelini


I'm Francesca and I'm a real life hero!

Why must we look perfect if we are not?
Is there a definition of a perfect family? NO!

I think that looking different from who we are is counterproductive and it's the wrong way to be happy. Being a parent is one of the most complicated things in the world, we need to feel free and proud of who we are! ⁣

The reason why I choose to become a documentary photographer is about my inner non-tolerance of fiction and false appearances. Before I became a mother, I had no idea what a son (and then two) would mean. The society had made me believe that children were clean, fragrant, they were always smiling, that they slept and other funny things. Becoming a mother, I discovered that the house is a living organism that pulsates together with our emotions, our tensions, our postponements for tiredness, and in chaos it fills up with colors that draw our daily life ... house is not a design catalog.

I want to help people to find beauty in what we have, without having to pretend to be always perfect , washed and perfumed, without a “beauty” filter.

Be proud of what you are and one day your sons will thank you for all the documentary session you took of their children's life.
Let me be your documentary photographer for a day in the life!

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