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Fiona Jenks

United Kingdom

Hi I’m Fi,

I’m a UK based photographer of life; true authentic and unscripted life.

I’m passionate about documenting the beautifully fleeting moments of our daily routines the ones that make your heart burst with love and occasionally scream with despair. Since becoming a mum in 2020 I’ve realised that the state of constant nostalgia is real. The looking back to ‘what was’ whilst moving forward to the new. It starts almost immediately, from when they are brand new in this world. Do we ever get to stay still, even just for a little bit?

It’s this need to be still, to remember, that drives me to take photographs. It’s also why I place so much value on photography capturing the everyday moments, the seemingly mundane glimpses of daily life which are actually brimming with beauty.

It’s the real, honest and sometimes messy moments which make our lives so uniquely our own and worthy of documenting.

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