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Felicia Bohm

Yorkshire | United Kingdom

One click at a time. This is how moments full of stories become memories that will then stand as true mementos of your beautiful everyday life. The laughter, the sadness, the contentment, the frustration, the mundane... and all the things that you take for granted and then you don't even notice when or how but they definitely change, sometimes within just a blink of an eye.

Kids grow up, habits come and go but as a documentary family photographer, I am devoted to catch these fleeting moments for you all. For yourselves to cherish and realize how that daily madness eventually translates to love and togetherness, for your children to feel the belonging and the love that surrounds them and for all the next generations to look back on your life as it happened, your legacy bridging the gaps of good old family story telling.

No posing, no frills, no awkwardness... just your real family stories told through my lens, with my experience and skill set to make the whole photo session totally painless and truly enjoyable. No, I cannot become invisible, but I *might* turn into a new favourite auntie who happens to take fabulous shots of you all, even through the mad times of family dinners!

In 2014, I have started out documenting families in Yorkshire (UK) in a relaxed and fun way, where we all can just be who we are, wear what we like and just roll with life regardless it was being photographed or not. Six years is quite a long time - all those squishy babies from my newborn sessions are sitting at school already! Yet, every time I am meeting a new family (or re-visiting familiar faces) I feel the thrilling excitement and the privilege of making long lasting, precious memories for them.
Hoping to see you soon! Let's make memorieeeees!

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