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Emily Renier

Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire | United Kingdom

I picked up my first camera about 25 years ago.

Photography and story telling is my way of sharing my vulnerability, trying to understand our world and making connections. Making connections is the reason I photograph people so a good, natural and very real rapport with my clients is essential to me and my creative workflow.

I genuinely believe that connections are what keep us balanced and grounded. I would hope that photoshoots with me aren't just about me providing my clients with beautiful images and the story of their family, but also about showing a deep and genuine interest in them as human beings and their everyday lives. I want the time we have together and the outcome of the time we have together to ultimately remind them that real is better than perfect and that authenticity and sharing our vulnerability is ultimately what makes us feel good.

I offer various services from 2 hour sessions all the way to 12 month packages, following the life of a family over a longer period of time. This particular package is popular with my birth photographer clients who are keen to create a documentary of the first 12 months of their baby's life. I also offer photofilms. I come equipped with a variety of microphones and record different sounds from our session. This could be my clients talking about parenthood. Or if they prefer, I record the sound of their children’s laughter, siblings quibbling, dogs barking… whatever they want to hang on to… if you have a moment, visit my website where you can watch some examples:

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