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Clara Andrade

United States

Hey there! I'm Clara, a documentary photographer based in South Florida. I'm a native Brazilian with some cultural twist between my original country, the US and Punjab - India, just because I happened to marry a descendent.

I'm a curious person and a book craver, always attempting to have a green thumb but failing miserable with the plants I promise love and care because I might love traveling a bit more. In 2018, I decided to turn my photography hobby into a career. With a background in copywriting, I'm eager to find stories around me and tell them in a unique way. Becoming a mom has opened my eyes to the sacred in the mundane, the beauty of everyday life with all its complex layers. Family relationships and childhood are two of my main subjects. I do believe our birthplace and upbringing are the way back, the answers to almost every question and it tells more about ourselves than what we attempt to reveal.

I like to go further and form deep bonds with the families I'm lucky to photograph. We have fun and existential conversations at the same time. If you happen to identify with all this, let's talk! ;)

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