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Caroline Hodge


Hi, my name is Caroline Therese Hodge of Cara Hodge Photography. I have been photographing my kids growing up since 2010. At the time we lived in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, and I loved to photograph them in the garden playing in the heat, light & water. I am playing with muted, faded color tones more & more - but mostly - I adore cinematic black & white child photography, including environmental portraits and documentary family photography. I love slightly quirky, honest expressions & gesture, and I love to capture hands as they are so expressive! Even in every day, ordinary moments, people can make such romantic, expressive gestures... I am definitely influenced by all kinds of art, including painting and dance where gesture is vital. I usually have one or two documentary family projects on the go with my own kids, but love to have opportunity to shoot families in an honest, unscripted way. For example, christenings and parties are recent favorites where there is plenty of unpredictability! I like it when pictures are, at first glance, less than perfect, partially blurry or unusual somehow, but engaging - a picture with "dust & scratches". I started my family photography small business in 2020.

Aside from taking pictures, I love books, streaming a good box set (Vikings is my current fave, the original from the History Channel), spicy Indian food, road trips, walks in nature, coffee, wine, dogs, yoga, shoes...

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