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Azure Mahara

United States

I'm Azure Mahara, a professional photographer who lives in Milwaukee, WI with my husband, our 2 dogs, and our 4 spirited children. Luckily, their wild ways give me plenty to photograph in my own home. My favorite photography style is documentary or photojournalistic in nature, but I also love doing lifestyle sessions. My true love is documentary, candid moments. I love to witness the unfolding of people's genuine personalities in front of my camera.

I honestly think all human beings are beautiful. What I love most about my work is getting to show people what I see when I look at them, and how their unique traits make them gorgeous. (And yes, even you, the person reading this, especially you - you are beautiful.)

Perhaps in another life I'd be documenting the comings and goings of movers and shakers as a photojournalist. I could document history in the making around the world. But what I've learned as a mom and a photographer is that life-changing moments happen every day in every setting. I work to document as much as I can in my own city while juggling life with my littles.

Here are a few things I'm really proud of:
My work has been published in several different magazines
I've received purchase awards from an art museum
I was a National Geographic daily dozen feature
I am a freelance photographer for the Milwaukee Brewers

But above all of that, my favorite thing to brag about is that I have 4 kids under 9 years old, and still, I push myself to grow as an artist.

And maybe, just maybe, my love for photography borderlines on obsessive, but I think it's a beautiful obsession. When I'm not behind the camera, I love music, being outside, growing my garden/house plants, decorating my home, fighting for social justice and supporting other women and creatives however I can. You can find my work at

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