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Anja Poehlmann

Sussex | United Kingdom

Do you remember being a kid, wanting to grow up as fast as possible?
Now you're on the other side, watching your kids wish for the same. How does that feel?

Time flies by and rarely do we stop to give any of it a second thought. But most of those everyday moments are what your life is really about. The little things, the ordinary. This is what matters, reality - honest, raw, real and unscripted.

There’s so much power in capturing normal life - the mundane, the “unexciting” stuff that makes your life so unique. My aim is to document those moments that seem trivial to you. Because that’s what your kids will remember 20years later.
Let's create memories not just for you, but for them!

I'm Anja, partial to biscuits and coffee, love Crossfit, hate running, night owl, bread baker and recent pottery-addict. I love documenting life, not just for my clients but for myself and my family too.
My sessions are very relaxed and totally unscripted. I document what you do when you do it. And if your kids are up to mischief, I promise I'll be there to photograph it.

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