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Ana Guardado



I'm Ana, a family photographer, from Figueira da Foz, Portugal. I specialize in family and newborn photography and my biggest bet is documentary.
I believe that photographs have a soul and that my job is to put that Love into incredible images.

I am a creative perfectionist, with an attentive and discerning eye, with a soul to capture the most fun and unusual moments in the family.
I am a mother of two wonderful children, where I look for a lot of my inspiration, in the day-to-day routine and in our (im)perfect outings.

My goal as a photographer is to take pictures that make people have emotions and feelings.
That makes them smile, or even cry, remembering the moment, the story. I help my clients to stop time, to tell their beautiful stories, of happiness and love, through my photography.
They live moments of joy and love, which must be captured, valued, preserved, celebrated and remembered. Through my lens, I'm always looking for that relaxed, documentary approach.

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