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Jason Alexander

Cambridgeshire & Lincolnshire | United Kingdom

I’m Jason, a photographer based in Cambridgeshire, where I live with my beautiful wife and our energetic 3 year old daughter.

My photography passion started with landscapes and travel, and now I love to photograph people and document life. I specialise in family and wedding photography and have been photographing proffessionally for five years.

Since becoming a dad life has changed quite a bit, there’s a lot less travel involved, and the word adventure normally involves hunting for the Gruffalo in the local woods! However, it does mean that every day is full of fun, mystery and sometimes chaos. Luckily, I always have my camera at the ready, so in the future I can remind my daughter of all the fun and happy moments we shared as a family. Having a child of my own has also taught me that life goes quickly, and your children don’t stay little for long, so I think it’s very important to document special family moments.

As a family photographer, I aim to capture natural images of everyday family life as well as those special days out. This could be as simple as messy playtime at home or a quick trip to the park, in doing this I will document the special connections between a family. My approach to documentary family photography is to immerse myself into your home routines, and photograph without disturbing or orchastrating them. While this type of photography still follows some elements of portrait photography, it focuses more on story telling.

Life moves very quickly, so lets frame those everyday moments that will be cherished now, and in the future!

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