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Amy Keljo

United States

I am a documentary family photographer based in Seattle, WA who specializes in capturing love and connection. How did I get here? Well...

What is YOUR “if only” job? The one where you think, “if I didn’t have to (x) or (y), I’d be a (fill in the blank)? Mine? Photographer.

I’ve spent most of my career pursuing a very different line of work. I love biology, the human body, caring for people, and I was able to bring those passions together in healthcare. I’ve been a family nurse practitioner for almost ten years and I love that work. I’m grateful every day I get to partner with someone on their journey to health.

But, photographer? Yes. That too. Life moves fast, things change and what you thought would be there forever is suddenly different. Loved ones passed. Babies now teenagers. I am madly in love with photos for how they capture sweet moments and allow us to enjoy them again and again. I see the tenderness of a parent with a child and my first thought is to reach for my camera. I want to capture the messy, too. I believe we’ll be yearning for the tantrums and the exhaustion and mess one day when it’s all over.

I am based in Seattle, WA but travel anywhere planes go!

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