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Collection Six Judges

An honour to reveal our judges for Collection Six! Thanks so much to these wonderful photographers for giving up their time and expertise in judging for us: (Clockwise, from top-left) Marisa Martins (Portugal), Siliang Wang (United States), Dominique Shaw of York Place Studios (UK), Gareth McGaughey (Ireland) and Elke Van Rulo (Belgium).

There’s just a few days left now to submit: Deadline is 23:59 BST on 24th May 2021. Members receive 60 Reportage Family Award (for the best individual captures) and 18 Family Story Award submissions (for a series of 15 – 20 images of a single family) per year, all included in your membership fee. Find out all the details – and all the extra benefits of membership – and join us to submit.

Marisa Martins was ranked 3rd in Portugal (and joint 27th in the world) here on This is Reportage: Family for 2020, with 3 Reportage Family Awards & 2 Family Story Awards won in the year.

Siliang Wang is an award-winning family and wedding photographer based in the USA; he was ranked joint-7th in the US on TiR:F for 2020, and joint-50th in the world.

Dominique Shaw is one half of the fab York Place Studios, and she has won an incredible 20 Awards from us over on our sister-site for documentary wedding photography, This is Reportage. She also captures families in their unique York Place style. Listen to Dom on our Podcast.

Gareth McGaughey won 6 Reportage Family Awards from us in 2020, making him Ireland’s top ranked photographer, and joint-24th in the world. He’s also won 8 Reportage Awards on our documentary wedding photography site.

Elke Van Rulo was ranked 5th in Belgium here on TiR:F for 2020 – and joint 30th in the world – with 4 Reportage Family Awards and a Family Story Award won in the year. We also recently interviewed Elke for our Podcast.

There’s just a few days left to submit: Deadline is 23:59 BST on 24th May 2021. Find out all the benefits of membership and join us to submit.

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