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Family Photographer Manchester

We’re biased, of course, but we think it’s just *so* important that your family memories are captured – and we think you probably agree, as that’s why you’re looking for a family photographer in Manchester! Well, you’ve definitely found the right website, as, here at This is Reportage: Family, our members all specialise in documentary family photography – meaning that you can be yourselves (with everything that may entail!), knowing that your chosen Manchester family photographer is capturing your family really as they are.

After all, it’s the little things that make you unique, right? The way your daughter fiddles with her curls as she’s reading her favourite book; the way your son is obsessed with watching Paw Patrol; the way Dad seems to always be checking his phone (guilty, as charged…!). These are the things that make you, you. Not sitting in front of a white screen with fake grins. Not having to look at the camera; not having to pose. Just you, and your everyday life, captured by the best family photographers in Manchester.

Of course, there may be a specific, special reason that you’re looking for a Manchester family photographer. Perhaps there’s a large or special birthday looming; perhaps there’s a 25th wedding anniversary family-get together that you want documented – and, of course, that’s totally fine. But you may also just want someone to capture your family going for a day-trip to the beach, or even a full ‘day in the life’ session, where your chosen photographer will spend a whole day with you, just capturing a ‘normal’ day – but, of course, that ‘normal’ day is anything but normal, because it is you – your family – unique in every way.

So, whatever the reason you’re looking for a family photographer in Manchester, know that we have the very best here at This is Reportage: Family – they’re all below. View their work, read their bios, and visit their websites to find out more and book your favourite:

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